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What is the main purpose of spending some time, money and effort in having a customized website with great quality content, fantastic theme and catchy landing page? Is it just for show or for other competing websites to get jealous?

The answer is business, purely business and to make money online. The internet has been the hub for people to sell their products, in the same way, buyers look into the internet to buy certain products. Sellers and buyers meet online to achieve their purpose.

Having a WordPress website is equivalent to selling and making money with WordPress. Blogging is selling and selling is blogging in most cases. In fact, it is important for a blogger not just to work for the blogs but to make the blogs work for you. In other words, you can sell and earn some money from the WordPress blogs.

Now, another question arises. What do you sell in your blogs to make money online? Well, it actually depends on what the online market demands and of course, the area of expertise, the thing you are good at. If you sell arachnids and other exotic animals, you might think a WordPress blog would not be able to earn anything but only information gained from the posted content. Do you know that you can actually earn from it? Any kind of blog can market your pets and you would not expect that there a great deal of hobbyists out there who are just hovering around and looking for the perfect site where they can also avail of their specific needs. Why do you sell with WordPress through blogs?

Blogging is by nature, search engine friendly, especially if you target main keywords and posts. WordPress blogs do rank highly on Google and Yahoo, and will continue to be in demand as the market continues to grow and evolve. With WordPress, you can sell jut about anything. You can sell services, products, and perhaps focus on making money online with ads, thus making some passive income at the side. With this, you would need a blog to make money blogging, and this can be done with the use of a hosted server. There is also, which is free, but you cannot convert some cash from this kind of blog.

You can make WordPress blogs an on-going money- making enterprise by continuously building your WordPress site, customizing it constantly and uploading great quality and optimized content. The best method however, is to find a niche that you can make money with, harness it, realize the potential from that niche and then start building up a WordPress blog about it. Some blogs are more popular than the other blogs, so you just have to maintain the ones that count. Maintain more blogs as much as possible because if you want to make money from your WordPress blogs, one blog is definitely not enough to earn from it! The great thing about WordPress is its functionality, usability and fantastic features that make money blogging simple, convenient and ultimately beneficial.

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